Thursday, 25 November 2010


Last night we went to St. Giles graveyard which is in sheldon. we started shooting our footage in which i am the killer. we took the first 7-9 shots and all went well. i think being in a graveyard was a good idea because as well as creating a horror film, we was actually scared.
Last week we had a 'media day' in the media day we done a short video of me & a class mate infront of the white house, the white house then blows up and we jump out the way. We made this look real using final cut.
On Monday we are going to go back to the graveyard and shoot some more footage.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Weekly diary report 1/11/2010

In media this week, we have learnt how to record and are now learning to edit the clips to put them together, i have learnt that recording a film clip is not as easy as it seems and there are lots of different clips that then need to be built together. we are currently editing and putting our clips together to complete the preliminary task

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

WEEKLY REPORT 20/10/2010

This week in media we have learnt things such as how to use the camera's and became more familiar with camera shots and angles. today we went down to the hall with the camera's set them up on the tripod and practiced different camera shots. we have all so learnt about the perliminary task we are going to do. this consists of a door opening, crossing a room, sitting down on a chair opposite a character and exchanging lines of dialougue.

Preliminary Task FINAL DECISION

For our preliminary task we are going to have a few a few shots of someone walking through a door from different angles and view points. the person is going to sit down on the chair and begin to have a debate with the person he is talking to, The other person will then leave the room slamming the door, we will use camera skills to show different angles of the door slamming and then a close up of the person storming off, finishing with a camera shot of the person who was in the room.